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Welcome to Chester P. Basil’s

"An American Spoon"

Here at Chester P. Basil’s, we handcraft some of the finest wooden spoons, wooden cutting boards and wooden spatulas you can find today. In addition to our expert craftsmanship, we offer some of the most competitive pricing on the web. Our wooden spoons are designed to fit the hand comfortably without compromising functionality. Our handmade wooden spoons are crafted using premium Pennsylvania black cherry wood which offers an extra level of durability. We also offer a left-handed option on some of our pieces to fit our left-handed customers even better!

With a shop location in Lenhartsville, PA and a retail location in Kutztown, PA, Chester P. Basil’s takes pride in crafting some of the finest handmade wooden spoons right here in Pennsylvania and distributing them throughout the world. We believe that a combination of quality, functionality and form is what separates us from our competition. After purchasing a handmade wooden spoon, wooden cutting board or wooden spatula from Chester P. Basil’s, we are confident that you will return to us in the future. With that being said, we value each and every one of our customers and strive to go above and beyond whenever possible!

We thank you for taking the time to browse around our online store. For your convenience, you can browse new products and place orders directly through our secure online shopping cart. Check back frequently for new wooden spoons, wooden cutting boards, spatulas and much more! Have your next set of handmade wooden spoons delivered directly to your doorstep! You can also reach us by phone with questions at 610-562-1948


"Over 90 Different Wood Kitchen Utensils"